The cableway

This cable car gets you straight to Hotel Ještěd, which is just a few tens of meters from the place of arrival. The cableway is well-accessible by public transport. There is also a large parking nearby.

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Dear guests, welcome to the phenomenal hotel and TV tower Jested. Karel Hubáček, the architect who designed the Ještěd television tower and was awarded the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize by the UIA (for the construction) in fact created a building the silhouette of which has become a rooted symbol of Liberec. The Silhouette of the tower is now a rooted symbol of Liberec. It is a fundamental part of the regional blazon and the emblem of the Technical University of Liberec

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We will be delighted to welcome you in our restaurant above the clouds. We open every day at 10 a.m.

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