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The accommodation on Mount Ještěd is an unforgettable experience. Each of the rooms has views that you can never be offered anywhere else. Do you like modern rooms? No problem. Do you want to travel back in time and experience retro rooms restored according to the original plans? At ours, you can't make a mistake in selecting a room.



We open the restaurant in Ještěd every day at 11 am. During the day you can order tasty dishes from the daily menu with a shorter preparation time. On the other hand, in the evening, when the daily traffic decreases and the atmosphere changes, there is an evening menu from which every one can choose. There are other ways to refresh yourself in Ještěd.


Gift vouchers

Give a gift voucher for Ještěd – after paying for it you will be able to choose from several designs and print the voucher out immediately. Vouchers can be used for accommodation or restaurant services (except for alcohol). You can give a voucher to a family member or use it as an original gift for your business partners.

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Karel Hubáček is an important Czech architect, whose 100th anniversary is being commemorated this year. Karel Hubáček is not only the author of the Television transmitter and the Ještěd Hotel, but also other important buildings. He was the only architect in the Czech Republic to receive the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize from the International Union of Architects in 1969, several years before Ještěd was completed and opened to the public. Ještěd is now a National Cultural Monument and was voted by the public as the Building of the 20th Century. Even 50 years after its opening, Ještěd still serves the purpose for which it was built - as a television transmitter and a popular hotel with a favourite restaurant.

25 years on Ještěd

We've been with you for 25 years. We started as a company in the hotel and restaurant on Jested in 1996 and we have donated hundreds of reservations with 25% or even 50% discount for the celebration in January and February 2022. In any case, we are grateful for every day when the hotel is full of guests - taking care of you and creating the right atmosphere is our greatest joy.

We are also happy that Ještěd today is without any doubt the main destination for visitors from the Czech Republic. We remember the times when it was definitely not so, but they are long gone. And we are even more honoured when our guests include - and they do include - people from Liberec or the surrounding area. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Hallo, wir durften 5 Tage Gäste im Jested sein. es war einfach phantastisch, ein außergewöhnlicher Ort zum Übernachten …

Fam. Kuhlmey, Oranienburg

Dobry den, jsem z Liberce a Jested znam 3 desitky let jako carokrasne...ale zaroven ponekud zacarovane misto. Ma …

Hi, I would like to ask you for a possibility of booking 2-person room from 27th to 29th of February. And second …

Once very modern, now a little oldfashioned looking rooms, but nice enough. Beautiful view. Difficult to find by …

Great hotel! Restaurant exceptional, food exquisite. Restaurant manager and chef visited table while dining to see if …

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The weather here is wild

Oftentimes, it is often different here, often in the opposite direction than in the city.
Check out the current weather from our window. So if it's not frozen ...

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Building History

The construction of Ještěd aroused a huge response in our country and in the world, not only because of its unique shape, but also for its unique technical solutions. During the construction in the 1970s, the authors used several completely new technologies and materials.


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Horní Hanychov 153 | Liberec 8 | Czech Republic | Tel. +420 485 104 291 | +420 605 292 563