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Ještěd history

Ještěd has been always considered one of the main landmarks of northern Bohemia and a symbol of the city below.


The construction of Ještěd brought knowledge and a variety of new materials for the Czechoslovak industry of that time.  For example the implementation of the plastic large-span structures  (at that time the largest structure in the world), the introduction of the manufacture of the protective cylinders for  TV antenna systems by coiling technique, the application of the transverse oscillation dampers prototypes (for the first time in Czechoslovakia), the solution to  metallic-plastic casing and a number of small constructional improvements.

Thanks to these developmental and experimental steps, the hotel was declared a cultural monument in 1998. In 2000 the building became the construction of the century in the Czech architecture. In 2006 the building was declared a national cultural monument and, subsequently, in 2007 the transmitter was added to the indicative list of UNESCO.