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Caution! The cableway does not operate when in adverse weather conditions. A nonscheduled ride is available if the operating conditions are good and if an extra fare is paid according to the tariff with minimum of 30 people. Up-to-date information on the telephone number: 485 104 287

Inetersting historical and technical facts about cableway to Jested on České dráhy website

Some technical facts

The total track length is 1188 meters, the elevation is 402 meters. The cableway is able to transport up to 525 people per hour. The Ještěd cableway is among the oldest classical aerial cableways. It was financed by Czechoslovak State Railways and built by the renowned Chrudim company of František Wiesner. Construction was launched on 15 June 1932 and the completed cableway began operating on 27 June 1933. Between 1971 and 1975 the cableway underwent an extensive reconstruction as a result of which it became a world-class cableway. The reconstruction was performed by the company Transporta Chrudim and the reconstructed cableway began operating on 31 December 1975. During its many years of operation there has been no major failure or endangerment of passenger safety.