...and, thanks to its scale and its famous authors, probably the most important. The architect Karel Hubáček commissioned his friends, Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, to design the view-bearing wall right after the construction of Ještěd began.

The authors were already world-renowned artists at that time, and their works are now owned by renowned museums and galleries around the world. The meteorite fall on Ještěd, with its impressive size and location in the original building, ranks among the works of incalculable value.

At first, the authors made all the parts on a sawmill from wood, thus creating a model from which an auxiliary mould was cast in plaster, from which the authors created a shape from gelatine, which was used to make the final mould from a mixture of sand and plaster. In this the artists then fused the glass to create the final form. Everything was then assembled together here on Jested. The work includes not only the glass hemispheres, but the entire cement wall behind them. The artwork is 17 metres wide and 7 metres high.