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High resolution photographs

We have prepared the photos in high resolution for printing but also for any other purposes.

Hotel Ještěd apartmán | autor: Šimon Pikous
Hotel Ještěd apartmán | autor Šimon Pikous
Hotel Ještěd - pokoj Comfort | autor Aleš Jungmann
Hotel Ještěd - večerní Ještěd s Libercem | autor Aleš Jungmann
Hotel Ještěd - lanovka | autor Milan Drahoňovský
Hotel Ještěd budova v noci | autor Milan Drahoňovský

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Information about Hotel Ještěd

The company Ještěd Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has been the lessee and the manager of Hotel Ještěd since then. The company consisting of 6 people working at Hotel Premiér in 1994 has developed into a medium-sized business with more than 50 employees. Our organization allows us to respond to seasonal fluctuations and demands for services flexibly. Part of the company's know-how is a quality network of partners and suppliers. The company has also been making a profit since taking over the management.

Every year the company Ještěd Ltd. organizes visits of celebrities from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad in cooperation with the local authorities. Annual events take place here as well. These are the long-time traditions on Mount Ještěd.

In addition, Ještěd Ltd. is engaged in the association Ješted 73 which has been trying hard to restore the original equipment and preserve the original style of the hotel. The last big project of Ještěd 73 was the reconstruction of the salon in compliance with the original design by Mr. Otakar Binar-the author of the original Interior.

Hotel Ještěd is the concept of extraordinary construction work. It was awarded the Perret prize for its unique architecture and became a national cultural monument and the construction of the century.

For more information visit and for JEŠTĚD73 activities visit We will be pleased to answer any further inquiries at .